Friday, November 17, 2006

Why A Blackberry Blog for Road Warriors

As a Road Warrior for over 20 years, I can appreciate how hectic life was pre-Blackberry devices and compared to life today. I was an early adopter and learned a number of tips and tricks on my own through trial and error. I am always asked by peers how change their device settings to help them increase their productivity. Last summer I helped a relative at the cottage who was floundering with duplicate messages in her inbox. With a quick change in settings, she finally started enjoying the productivity savings these devices were meant to provide.

I can relate to flying through the skies on myriads of aluminum tubes, endless delays at airports, staying in countless hotel rooms and dealing with a domino effects of small travel plan changes. I used my Blackberry to check gates, get driving directions, check-in to hotels, check into flights, check weather, find alternate flights when the pilot advised us of bad weather in Chicago, the list goes on.

By creating this blog, I look forward to sharing my experiences to help fellow readers and fellow road warriors. I also welcome you to link to this site as I expect to make multiple posts a week and welcome your comments on topics, your experiences and your tips as well.

Until my next post, have a great weekend!

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