Monday, November 20, 2006

I Just Purchased My Blackberry Pearl

I have been looking into upgrading to a newer Blackberry. After researching and vacillating, I settled on the Blackberry Pearl 8100 Smartphone ( The Suretype keyboard took a little getting used to (about 2 hours) but now I can't recall life on the traditional keyboard.

Prior to my purchase, I researched a number of blogs and bulletin boards and the biggest downfall from what I could see was the smaller keypad and the SureType keyboard. I overcame these concerns by comparing those two issues with the size of the device. It is very compact, the screen has great resolution and the device comes with tons of functionality to help make me more productive.

The "Pearl" trackball has made the flywheel a thing of the past. The unique trackball is a great, efficient and precise way to navigate on the device. It also doubles as an ergonomic (non carpal tunnel producing) replacement to the flywheel.

I welcome your comments to this post as I update the many features I have learned on the device. I also welcome your thoughts and your experiences.

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