Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blackberry Messenger

In order to communicate with other Blackberry users, I set-up Blackberry Messenger ( This software allows you to communicate, chat and Instant Message another Blackberry user through their Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can have one-on-one communication and group discussion as well as multiple concurrent discussions.

The application works with the same operating system as
Yahoo ( and Google Talk ( on the Blackberry. However, what makes this product better is that it is only available to your PIN community. Make sure you exchange PIN details with other BB users (fellow employees or staff members) so you can use this tool for more effective communication.

It gives you the option of setting-up contacts as a group (e.g. your direct reports) so you can have group chat's rather than conference calls. You can also see when someone is typing a response so you can wait before responding (rather than crashing dialog).

Pinstack did a great FAQ for PIN-
Click Here for Details. It will give you more background on PINNING.

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