Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blackberry Live Large Promotion, Free Airfare

As an added bonus for purchasing my Blackberry Pearl this past weekend, I just realized that I qualified for a free flight. Blackberry has created a promotion (just in time for the holiday purchases) called "Live Large, Fly High". If you purchase a Blackberry Device between October 16, 2006 and December 11, 2006 you qualify and are eligble to receive a buy one get one free airfare. There are terms and conditions, so you may want to check for more details.

I reviewed the conditions and determined that I can take a much needed vacation (Blackberry optional) with my wife to a warm sunny place at 50% of the cost. Another reason to confirm that an upgrade to the Blackberry Pearl was warranted :-).

I am enjoying my new Blackberry Pearl with all the new features and options. I'll write more about that later today so check back or better yet, link to the feeds (chiklets on the side so you get automatic updates. Post comments, I welcome your feedback!

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