Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just Ask Matt

As a frequent traveler that also is raising a young family I have had to learn juggle priorities and ensure that my work life balance stays in check. I do that through use of my Blackberry. I started with a Blackberry 7250 and now use a Blackberry Pearl.

In my circle of friends and colleagues I am referred to as an early adopter of technology. When they have a question they generally "Just Ask Matt". If I don't have the answer, I am able to find it for them.

I have a passion to share my knowledge and learnings with people so they too can be more efficient in their lives.

One area of focus for me is training Executives in Career Transition on Blackberry use. I conduct monthly 2 hour seminars for individuals enrolled in an Executive Transition Program in Toronto, Ontario with the goal to help them be more efficient in their job search.

I hope find this blog useful for your work life balance too.

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